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Appetizers Menu

Grilled tiger prawns on rosemary skewers.

Seared scallops.

Steamed mussels and clams with chorizo sausage in a tomato broth.

Grilled B.C. spotted prawns in a citrus butter.

Cold seafood antipasti platter.

Grilled squid with puttanesca sauce.

Asparagus wrapped in pancetta with a balsamic reduction and shaved pecorino cheese.

Gin poached beans wrapped with beef scaloppini.


(Olive, tomato, eggplant)

Stilton cheese and chicken liver on crostini's.

Grilled lamb chop Wellington.

Grilled Portobello mushroom and salt spring island goat cheese with a soya port reduction.

Antipasti platter with cured meats and pickled vegetables.

Seared tuna drizzled with black olives.

Stuffed baby Pemberton Valley sweet peppers.

Southwest prawn fritters with jalapeno.

Tuna Carpaccio.

Beef Carpaccio.

Spicy cajun shrimp.

Chicken and mango quesadillas.

Grilled vegetable platter with balsamic reduction.

Brie with frozen grapes and raspberry ice wine.