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Pasta and Risotto

Suppli stuffed risotto with chicken, brie with fresh basil.

Gnocchi with fresh herb and and your choice of meat or fish.

Wild mushroom risotto with grilled veal.

Grilled chicken with mango and toasted almonds.

Cheese polenta with wild mushroom and lamb chops.

Seafood risotto with a fresh lemon butter sauce.

Baked gnocchi with parmesan cheese.

Traditional Italian Carbonara.

Vongole clam pasta.

Primavera with aglio e olio or tomato.

All' arrabbiata.

All' puttanesca.

Open face ravioli with your choice of stuffing.

Meat or vegetable lasagna al forno.

Vegetable or meat stuffed cannelloni.

Timballo or Pasticcio.

Smoked chicken in a balsamic cream with sundried tomatoes, and roasted peppers.


Tortellini with a lemon cream, prosciutto ,basil, and green peas.

Salmon and asparagus in a dill horseradish cream sauce.

Seared tuna with aioli and snap peas.

Grilled spicy tiger prawns in a tarragon rose sauce.