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Mista field greens.

Caesar with double smoked Canadian bacon.

Grilled romaine lettuce hearts wrapped in prosciutto with a light vinaigrette.

Baby spinach with a jagermeister lingonberry vinaigrette.

West coast dream "poached seafood salad with a citrus oil"

Quail with mixed field greens.

Grilled Mediterranean vegetables with balsamic reduction.

Artichoke and prosciutto.

Seared ahi tuna salad.

Thai chicken and spicy rice noodles with a peanut vinaigrette.

Grilled salmon salad.

Grilled vegetables and pasta with feta cheese

Grilled Eggplant salad.

Yellow tomato and boccaccini "Insalata caprese"

Rough cut Greek salad.

Roasted fennel and orange salad with a sambuca vinaigrette.

Sweet potato with crisp pancetta.

Avocado and king crab with butter lettuce.

Apple and raisin with mixed green and a stilton cream dressing.

Spinach with a Grand Marnier orange vinaigrette.

Marinated shitake mushrooms with grilled duck.

Duck confit with mixed greens and a yogurt gooseberry vinaigrette.